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The Elk Country Visitor Center is "Open for Business".  What a tremendous welcome from all of our Elk Country friends. Our  Hours change seasonally, please visit the Center page for more information. Come visit us on Winslow Hill in Benezette, PA.  814-787-5167

Every year thousands of people make the trek to the Pennsylvania Wilds to see the largest wild elk herd in the Northeastern United States. Some families visit during the fall rut to watch bull elk spar and bugle in an elaborate ritual to impress the ladies. Other travelers arrive in summer to find cows grazing with their offspring in a field. Others still are just passing through, only to stop in amazement when an 800-pound bull elk ambles out of the woods to eat grass by the side of the road.

Elk are a stunning, unforgettable sight. Their presence is part of life in many rural  Pennsylvania communities, and a wonder to visitors. But it wasn’t always this way. Pennsylvania’s elk herd was depleted in the mid-1800s; it took decades and many resources to restore it to its current health and grandeur.

Today, the area these majestic animals roam is called ‘Elk Country.’ The term refers to not only the elk, but the people of the region. 

The mission of the Keystone Elk Country Alliance is to make sure Elk Country is here for future generations to enjoy. Our goal with this website is two-prong: to help you experience elk in the wild in a safe and meaningful way that inspires good stewardship; and to provide you with ways you can help us with our conservation and wildlife education efforts.

If you are planning a visit, be sure to check out our Visitor Center and Links pages for information about viewing elk and for food and lodging suggestions. If you are interested in giving back, we offer several ways to get involved: through membership, volunteer opportunities, donations, or by renting the Elk Mountain Homestead for a family weekend escape. 

We appreciate your support and hope you have a great stay in Elk Country!

Did you know we have cameras at the common elk viewing grounds on the property? You can see what these cameras see in real time by click here. Or, by clicking on the following image.
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